About us

About us

The student council of Agricultural- and Horticultural Science is the representative for the studies of the faculty for Agricultural- and Horticultural Sciences. We voluntary represent the issues of all students in many departments of university policies and commissions.

We work in close collaboration with the Academic Faculty of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences. Tasks like partaking in appointment commitees for professorships and improvement of study courses, give us the chance to build a bright future for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences in Weihenstephan.

For this purposes we need dedicated students. Here you can prove your softskills, get to know new people and have fun.

So if you are keen on beeing part of our student council, contact us via facebook or face to face in our student council room!

Your support would be welcome

  • Organizing parties
  • Represent us on shows
  • Management of the homepage
  • Deputy in departments of university policies
  • for script management
  • and so on…
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