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Student’s life

Freising has four houses for student accommodation, each housing a bar. From Sunday to Thursday minimum one is open, giving you the chance to relax and meet other students. From time to time each bar throws a party, guaranteeing a good time. Another highlight in freisinger students are the fraternity parties. Especially at the start of the semester the Freisinger Fraternities try to allure new members with parties. You do not have to be interest to have a great evening. Futhermore there are many pubs in Freising, ranging from traditional Bavarian style to modern atmosphere. If that’s not enough for you, Munich is just a short train ride away.

Further questions?

Every year the student council gives a webinar with the support of academic counseling and professors, answering your most urgent question. You missed this year’s webinar? See the following link to view the latest webinar. (Webinar only in german, web-plugin necessary)

Aufzeichnung Webinar 2020

BSc. Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften

Aufzeichnung Webinar 2020

MSc. Agrarsystemwissenschaften

Aufzeichnung Webinar 2020

MSc. AgriBioScience
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