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Photo Contest


Submit your picture until 1.11.18

Photo Contest:

Show us were you represent agricultural/horticultural sciences and take part in our photo competition!

  1. You are at a special place you connect with your studies: e.g. an internship, studying abroad, excursion,..
  2. Take a picture of you wearing our team outfit (or something else with our logo visibly). Tell us the story of your picture!
  3. Send your picture to agrarfs@wzw.tum.de – the best transmittals will be published on facebook and our homepage. The prize for the best picture wins a free entry to our snow ball (dance ball in the winter semester) and a free drink!

For statutory basis see

facebook: facebook.com/fsagrar


Guidelines regarding the photo competition of the student council agricultural and horticultural science of TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan

By transmitting your picture you accept the following terms and conditions:


The participant declares to have all rights regarding the submitted photograph, that no third parties are involved and, in case of displaying persons, that no personal rights are violated. If one or more persons are recognizable displayed on the photo, the involved parties must be contend with the release of the photo. The participant warrants that no material impinges legal terms. All illegal content is forbidden, especially content promoting racial hate, inhuman content, depiction or description of sexual action. Illegal content will be reported immediately without further notice and exceptions. If third party rights are violated, the participant dispenses the promotor of all charges. Only the transmitter is responsible for the content of the transmitted photographs.


The student council agricultural and horticultural sciences of TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan does not assume liability for loss or damage of the transmitted photographs.

Transfer of rights

All usage rights of the photos, including the release in media (print or digital), are transmitted to the student council agricultural and horticultural science of TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan through submitting the photo. Furthermore the participant accepts the use of this photograph for diverse aims (e.g. flyers promoting events of the student council).


The transmitted data might be relayed to involved third parties, if the picture is published in the context of the photo contest (media coverage, award ceremony, release on facebook and homepage, etc.). The participant accepts this conditions explicitly by submitting a photo.

Legal process

There is no right of appeal.


By submitting a photograph the participant accepts the release of it on the student councils facebook page. Concurrent it is implied that the transmitter read and accepted the site policy of facebook.